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Thank you for your interest in being baptized at Saint John’s! Within the Lutheran tradition, we baptize infants all the way up through aged adults.

Additional Info

Baptisms are done during one of our regularly scheduled services. Unless there are special circumstances, private baptisms are not typically done. We also usually only do one baptism per service, so reserving a date for your baptism is important before you schedule any other events for that day or arrange travel for out of town guests.

If this is your first baptism at our congregation, it is asked that you sit with the pastor prior to the baptism. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the meaning of baptism within the Lutheran tradition and to go over the practical aspects of what to expect on the day of the baptism (where to sit, when to come up, what to do, etc.). This will be arranged by the pastor at a time that is convenient for you and can be done during the week or on weekends.

As baptism is a means of God’s free grace, there is no charge for baptisms at Saint John’s. If you would like to make a contribution to the church in honor of the baptized, you may certainly do so.

To schedule a baptism at Saint John’s, simply fill out the form below and someone will contact you regarding your requested date. Please note that your date is NOT official until it has been confirmed with the pastor. If you have any questions about baptism, or need clarification, please contact the Church Office.

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