Lenten Reading Plan

Each year, I have been challenging you to read something to aid in reflecting on the season we are in, as well as stretching your understanding of our Lord’s work for you. This year, there will be two options for your consideration, one a bit simpler than the other, but both could be done and would be edifying. The first is a simple plan to read through the entire Gospel according to Matthew over the 40 days of Lent. The Gospel is broken into 5-10 minute segments for reading. Since we are reading Matthew’s Gospel during this church year, this seems like a nice way to put all of this Gospel into perspective as it relates to the events of Christ’s death and resurrection for our salvation.

Click here for Gospel according to Matthew

The second option will be a journey through Thomas a Kempis’ classic Christian work, The Imitation of Christ. This little devotional will allow you to contemplate on the life and work of Christ and what it means for you in your life as His disciple. Click here for the Imitation of Christ Guide. The book itself is available anywhere you buy books, but is available as a free download here.

I invite your participation in one or both of these throughout Lent as we make our way with Jesus to the cross and empty tomb!

In Christ,

Pastor Brian Noack