Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church 
48 Greene Avenue, Sayville, New York 11782
Office: (631) 589-3202 - Fax: (631) 589-1419 - E-Mail:
Rev. Brian Noack, Pastor

St. John’s Lutheran Church
Presents a Community
Judo Dojo Yukidaruma
Tuesday & Thursdays evenings
7:00-9-30PM, Upstairs in the Nursery
Maximum of 20 students

Our Mission Statement:
To introduce Kodokan Judo to adults and children with varying abilities in a fun and kind way, offering all an opportunity through which they can enjoy a life-long enjoyment of Judo. The Club aims to deliver the very best Judo instruction to all our students within a safe and accessible and nurturing environment.

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USA's Kayla Harrison claims gold medal in judo

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