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Rev. Brian Noack, Pastor

            Funding Our Renovation (FOR) for Saint John’s

Our Purpose: To develop ideas and implement a fund raising campaign
for the renovation of Saint John’s

Who we are…

  Lis Dicce, Chairperson (   Jan Panarese (
  Alice Dreher (   Bob Reimels (
  Jim Farrell (   Deanna Suckow (
  Linda Henningsen (   Kevin Paul (
  Donna Meier (   Pastor Noack (

What we’ve been doing….

For the past few years the members of Saint John’s  congregation have been sharing ideas and making decisions about the opportunity to make very necessary improvements to Saint John’s. At the Congregational meeting in May 2013 the Renovation Committee reviewed the plans for moving forward with the renovation of our church. As a result a committee has been formed for the purpose of developing ideas for funding the renovation project. We have met over the summer looking back over the work that has been done so far, brainstorming ideas for raising the money to finance the project and developing ways to communicate to the congregation. It is very exciting to be able to say we are ready to move forward!! The committee, called Funding Our Renovation (FOR), will be bringing you up to date on our progress in the weekly service bulletins, in the Good News and on our church website. You will have the opportunity to submit questions that will be answered in the weekly service bulletins or during Matters of Importance.  Information about the project plan will be provided to you in a handout in September that will include pictures of the renovation plan and information about our process.  The start of a pledge campaign will begin in October with an update on our progress and commitment in November. 

This is a very exciting time for Saint John’s!! The members of our church have been very successful in supporting renovations projects over the past decades, stepping up to rebuild in the 1950’s, adding the gym in the 1960’s, making purchases such as Luther Hall, the Vicarage, the Loop Drive parsonage, the Broadway Avenue property and various  improvements to our facility. We have the opportunity once again to make additional improvements to Saint John’s for current and future generations to enjoy!! With God’s help we will make this happen!!

Our committee members are available to answer your questions now and moving forward. Please feel free to contact any of us:


Thank you for your Support!!!