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St. John's Youth Basketball



SAINT JOHNS SUMMER 7th-8th GRADE BASKETBALL LEAGUE schedule - click to view

Saint John’s Youth Basketball Registration

Registration for our 7th-9th Grade Basketball league will be held on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 10am
(during coffee hour) for CHURCH members, and Monday January 27, 2014 at 7pm for all others.
The basketball registration form is available to all,
please download the form, complete it, and bring it with you to registration.
Our season will commence in March and run through May.
Games are played on Weeknights and Saturdays.
Playoff games are played with the same schedule.
If you have any questions, please email me at:

Letter to "Friends of Saint John's Basketball" <----------- please read

Parent Code of Conduct

7th & 8th Grade Registration Form

9th Grade Registration Form

7/8TH Grade schedule - click to view

9TH Grade schedule - click to view

About Saint John’s Youth Basketball
Any questions, contact Steven Weltner (grades 3-6) or Larry Jacob (grades 7-9)

3/4 grade schedule Click to view

5/6 grade schedule Click to view

The Goals and Rules are as follows:

The primary goals of the Saint John's Basketball program are:
1. To develop children's basketball skills,
2. To teach sportsmanship and respect for the coaches, players and referees,
3. To have fun,
4. Competition is secondary.

All games are made up of four 9-minute quarters. Play is stopped every three minutes for players to alternate.

Time spent playing is to be divided equally among all players, regardless of ability.

No player is permitted to play consecutive 3-minute periods.

No player should play more than 5 shifts and only 4 shifts with 15 players.

Jump balls are at the beginning of a game and in overtime, alternate possessions for remaining quarters.

Five time outs per game, no more than three per half.

Each overtime is three minutes in length, with two time outs per team per overtime.

Only man to man defense, no zone defense is permitted. Players will be warned two times that they are not playing proper defense, the third offense will draw a technical foul.

Seven team fouls per half allowed, team shoots one and one up to ten fouls, two shots after ten fouls. Players are permitted five fouls. Flagrant fouls (shoving, high swinging elbows, excessive physical contact) will result in two free throws for the fouled team and removal of the fouling player for the game.

Teams are permitted to PRESS in two situations: ~ When a team is 10 points down, they may press and may continue to press until the 10 points are reduced to 2. ~ Teams are also permitted to press during the last minute of each half regardless of score.